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I’m a coach, corporate leader and entrepreneur.

My mission is to help women step into leadership with confidence and authenticity, empowering them to lead with clarity, integrity and joy.

This is the Feminine Leadership Experience.

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Meet Kailyn Sarros, MA, Leadership Coach


I'm a coach, mentor, corporate trainer and leader with a passion for helping women manifest their potential.


Meet Kailyn


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Coaching Programs for Feminine Leaders


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The Art of Feminine Leadership


I’ve been an entrepreneur and corporate leader for over 20 years, developing and leading successful teams. My mission is to empower feminine leaders to live fully into their vision with clarity, confidence, and authenticity.


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"Kailyn is one of the most influential women I have ever met in my life and I have continued to use the tools I've learned from her."


Amy C.

Brentwood, CA


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