20 Affirmations to Boost Happiness and Confidence at Work

I’m taking a bit of a detour this week and am venturing into a more holistic practice designed to help refocus the mind on success and productivity during challenging times. With all the shifts happening in our professional environments, adapting to new ways of working can feel overwhelming.

If you’re struggling with balancing the many aspects of your new normal – like childcare, homeschooling, conference calls and project deadlines - while stuck at home for an extended time with seemingly no end in sight, you might be looking for ways to restore a sense of balance and control to your workday life.

The Practice of Affirmations:

Affirmations are positive thoughts or mantras that are spoken out loud or written down. They can help boost productivity and increase motivation. Speaking words out loud or putting pen to paper sends the energy of those thoughts out into the universe, helping breathe life into them.

The idea behind the effectiveness of affirmations is this: Words are powerful – they can lift our spirits, build confidence and boost self-esteem in challenging times. In a world where we are often our toughest critic, it is easy to unconsciously beat ourselves up over the most trivial things. Affirmations serve as an elixir to help counter the impact of negative self-talk and thoughts. The practice of daily positive affirmations can help level up your personal life by keeping your mind focused on your goals, dreams and strengths, contributing to a success mindset.

Can Affirmations Help With My Professional Life?

Just as affirmations can give a lift to our personal lives, they also have the power to help boost confidence, manage stress, help productivity and focus, and increase satisfaction on the job.

Think of the thoughts that stand in the way of getting what you want in your personal life. Many of those thoughts likely come between you and your professional success as well. Negative self-talk and reactive assumptions can lead to dissatisfaction at work. The bottom line is that the state of your mental game can influence motivation and productivity, which ultimately impacts workflow and results.

Using positive affirmations at work can help increase confidence in your value, confirm the traits and skills you need for success, and help you get laser-focused on your goals. Studies also hint that positive affirmations can help improve the quality of our interpersonal relationships at work. All of these benefits can help you regain a sense of control over your workday, and ultimately how you feel about your daily, weekly and monthly professional journey.

Hallmarks of a Successful Affirmation Practice

Affirmations are most effective when repeated by speaking them out loud or writing them down daily. Place written affirmations where you can see them (or set aside a dedicated time to say them every day, like before bed or right before beginning the work day). Author and wellness expert Brian Luke Seaward suggests some guidelines to get the most out of your affirmation practice:

  1. State affirmations in present tense, such as "I am"
  2. Phrase affirmations in a positive light
  3. Make affirmations simple, clear, and easy to remember
  4. Have affirmations that resonate with you, using language and tone that aligns with the way you speak

Read on for twenty affirmations to get you started. Choose one or two to focus on in the morning and before bed, or whenever you feel like you need to boost your mental game.

  1.  “I accomplish what I set out to do.”
  2. “I surround myself with supportive and encouraging people.”
  3. “I have a choice in the path I take.”
  4. “I am successful at work. Recent challenges do not negate my successes.”
  5. “I am willing to put in the work to succeed on this project.”

  1. “I respect myself, so others may respect me.”
  2. “I confidently overcome any challenge placed before me.”
  3. “I achieve my desired outcome through focus and determination.”
  4. “I live in the present, knowing this moment is perfect.”
  5. “I am the source of my own happiness.”

  1. “I have a positive impact on people around me.”
  2. “I am content with what is.”
  3. “I am open to learning from this challenge.”
  4. “I am growing and prospering every day.”
  5. “I am a valued and respected part of my team.”

  1. “I am consistent in my work. Every day I deliver something of value.”
  2. “My work inspires me to grow by reaching beyond my comfort zone.”
  3. “I use challenge to create new opportunities.”
  4. “I am focused and am moving closer to my professional goals every day.”
  5. “I am creating a work life that inspires and motivates me.”

If you’re feeling the struggle right now, consider adding an affirmation practice to your daily routine. Use the affirmation tips and sample affirmations above to get a jump on shifting your mindset today.

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