Leadership With Heart

Kailyn is a proven leader and mentor with over two decades experience working in Fortune 500 companies. She is also a serial entrepreneur who has successfully grown businesses and developed teams in small business and corporate environments.

In addition to serving as a women's leadership coach, Kailyn also leads global training and education for one of the world's largest consumer-facing health and wellness companies and has won multiple awards during her career.

Service With Purpose

Kailyn's mission is to empower feminine leaders to fully step into their role with confidence and authenticity, helping them gain clarity about their vision and mission, while staying aligned with their integrity and values.


The Path to Leadership


The Journey Begins

Kailyn got her start in software sales and marketing leadership roles during the dot com boom. During her tenure, she collaborated with diverse groups to deliver many successful projects and gained recognition as a rising leader in the business. 

As she rose within the company, she realized the high-tech world didn't bring her joy and that she needed to exercise her entrepreneurial spirit.


Entrepreneurial Roots

Driven by the need for meaningful change and inspired by the idea of serving others, she left the corporate world to open her own business.

Kailyn's first experience with building a business from the ground up included hiring, training, and leading a team of 20 practitioners and support staff for what would become an award-winning luxury day spa.


Unbroken by Challenge

Hard times struck when, shortly after opening the spa, Kailyn's life was turned upside down by divorce. During a long, drawn out process Kailyn kept pushing forward and the business won recognition and awards, despite a barrage of constant court battles, funding challenges, and personal drama. In the end, the divorce settlement demanded that all assets - including the business - must be sold.

Kailyn entered a period of deep challenge that many women can relate to. She questioned her worth and mission. She lost confidence and spent far too many years playing small, convincing herself that success wasn't for her.

Playing small is fine - until it isn't

Kailyn knew she was meant for more and change was needed. She also knew changing an unsatisfactory life begins with changing one's self.

Action is the catalyst for change. Kailyn initiated change by pursuing a master's degree in Holistic Health Education with a concentration in coaching. Taking action shifted Kailyn's energy and focus, giving her the confidence to go after her next leadership opportunity.

A series of successes followed, including finding her passion in the prestige beauty industry, as VP of sales and marketing for a start-up distributor where she built a successful sales and education team from the ground up, and as a trainer, regional sales manager and multiple award-winning leader for one of the top prestige skincare brands in the world.

Today Kailyn is the head of global training and education at one of the largest consumer wellness and beauty companies in the world. Her corporate job allows her to work in a daily leadership role that touches diverse teams around the globe.


Coaching Beyond Theory

Kailyn's corporate role provides current hands-on leadership experience that continually informs her coaching practice, giving Kailyn the opportunity to coach from real-life experience that goes beyond leadership theory.

To serve at her best, Kailyn works with a small set of one-on-one coaching clients at any given time.

To explore whether coaching with Kailyn is a good fit for your leadership style and goals, schedule a Discovery Call with Kailyn.

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