I have experienced the rush of success and the low of devastating loss. At the age of 35, I was a homeless single mom struggling to survive. I lost faith in myself and began to believe I was destined for a life of less.

That's until a mentor came into my life who saw something in me that I couldn't see in myself. The encouragement of one person forever changed the trajectory of my life and I'm now on a mission to pay it back by helping others who know they were meant for more and want the support and mentorship to dream bigger in their lives.

A Mission to Make a Difference

My mission is to inspire others to unlock the excellence that already lies within themselves by helping them gain the mindset, confidence and resilience needed to have lasting and meaningful impact in their lives, businesses and communities.


My Story


The Journey Begins

I got my start in software sales and marketing leadership roles during the dot com boom. During that time, I got to collaborate with diverse groups to deliver many successful projects and I became recognized as a rising leader in the company.

As my career took off life became a lot more stressful between juggling family life with a super demanding travel schedule. I soon realized that something had to give and the high-stress high-tech world no longer brought me joy. That's when I made the decision to fully honor my entrepreneurial spirit with a venture closer to home.


Entrepreneurial Roots

Driven by the desire for more time with my family, and on a quest for meaningful change, I became inspired by the idea of serving others. I made my exit from the corporate world to open my own small business.

My first experience with building a business from the ground up included hiring, training, and leading a team of 20 practitioners and support staff for what would become an award-winning luxury day spa.


Unbroken by Challenge

Everything fell apart shortly after opening the spa, when life was turned completely upside down by divorce. During a long, drawn out process my amazing team kept pushing forward and the business won recognition and awards, despite a barrage of court battles, financial scarcity, and personal drama. After a long and costly fight, the divorce settlement mandated that all assets - including the business - had to be sold.

Once the business was gone, life took a turn for the worst. At rock bottom, I stood in the driveway with my kids as we watched the repo man take our car. Two weeks later we were evicted from our home because I couldn't pay the rent. At age 35, I found myself homeless with two young children.

I entered a period of deep challenge, where every day was about survival. I got stuck in a loop of playing my mistakes over and over in my mind, questioning my worth and mission.

My self-esteem was in the gutter and I lost all faith in myself. When all was said and done, I spent far too many years staying stuck and playing small, convincing myself that success wasn't meant for me.

Playing small is fine - until it isn't

I might have stayed in that place, had it not been for a mentor who saw something in me that I couldn't see in myself. The encouragement of a successful mentor built my confidence and began the mindset shift that made me realize I was meant for more and that failure didn't define me.

When I began to think differently, I began to want more for myself and for my family. Playing small was no longer an option.

Action is the catalyst for change and I made my first change by going back to school at night while working  a full time job. I received my master's degree in Holistic Health Education with a concentration in coaching, and that first step set a cascade of events into action that shifted my energy and focus, giving me the confidence to go after my next opportunity.

A series of successes followed, including finding my passion in the prestige beauty industry, as VP of sales and marketing for a start-up distributor where I built a successful sales and education team from the ground up, and as a trainer, regional sales manager and multiple award-winning leader for a top prestige skincare brand.

Today I am the head of global training and education at one of the world's largest consumer wellness and beauty companies. My corporate job allows me to work in a daily leadership and training role that touches diverse teams around the globe.


Coaching Beyond Theory

I love my day job and it gives me the kind of hands-on training, education and leadership experience that continually informs my coaching practice and gives me the opportunity to coach from real-life experience that goes beyond theory.

To serve at my best, I work with a small set of one-on-one coaching clients at any given time.

To explore how coaching can help you on the path to your goals, schedule a 30-minute exploration call with me. I'd love to help you get clear on your big dreams!


Meet Kailyn

I'm a coach, business mentor, and holistic practitioner with a passion for helping others reach their potential.

Meet Kailyn

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