My Holistic Sales Journey

My mission is to empower feminine holistic entrepreneurs to discover their money blocks, so they can level up to their dream six figure business. I help these entrepreneurial goddesses get confident about their value and earning their worth, while staying aligned with their integrity and values.


A Need Revealed

I got my start in software sales over twenty years ago, and while I was a leader in my field, I knew my calling wasn’t in the high-tech world. I was inspired by a desire to serve others and had been holding on to my Esthetician license for five years by the time I was ready for meaningful change. That's when I left the corporate world to pursue my dream of opening a day spa.

That’s where my holistic sales journey began.

My first experience with the challenges of selling as a holistic entrepreneur came as I was training my team of estheticians and massage therapists on sales techniques.

Having come from the world of high-tech sales in the Silicon Valley, I wasn’t expecting the level of resistance my therapists had to the idea of selling services and products designed to help them better serve their clients. I was surprised to discover how many of them felt a disconnect between serving and selling.

This disconnect came from not wanting to feel pushy, salesy, or disingenuous. After further investigation, I learned that my team was uncomfortable with the concept of selling and equated the word ‘sales’ with the stereotypical slick informercial pitch guy, believing that to be successful in sales they would have to compromise their values and integrity.

Years later, when I went to work in the professional beauty industry, as VP of sales and marketing for a start-up distributor, and then as an educator and regional sales manager for one of the top prestige skincare brands in the world, this same resistance came up again and again within groups of licensed estheticians, front desk associates, spa managers and business owners I was working with.

I began to train my sales and education team how to coach their accounts to help them bridge the gap between serving and selling – and that’s where I found my calling.

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I'm a coach, business mentor, and holistic practitioner with a passion for helping people manifest their potential.

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